1. PERSONAL Koncert v Brandejse pod mostem

    10 Feb 2018
    This secret under-the-highway-bridge concert was held at the same time as st. Wenceslaus feast day. That’s why those fireworks in the distance and why st. Wenceslaus later in fire. Starring: Proti Všem (Against All, CZ, my friend Milošák), Tim Loud (UK). /// Tenhle utajený koncert  pod dálničním mostem se konal…

  2. PERSONAL In-between Christmas time 2017

    14 Jan 2018
    My webpage is still far from being ready, however, me and my camera still exist and work. Every year, I take it for holiday between Christmas and New Year. I love the atmosphere of this timeless week full of watching stupid tv programmes while eating the christmas leftovers, nostalgia of…

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